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Not Only Body Health, Mental Health is also Important to Maintain

Someone can be good-bodied, good-looking, and have lots of friends. But not necessarily he has good mental health. The following ways can be done to maintain mental health. Healthy people are not just free from physical ailments you know. Human health also includes mental and social health. According to WHO (World Health Organization), people are called mentally healthy if they can realize their abilities, can handle stress in their daily lives, can work productively, and can contribute to their surroundings. In order to stay mentally healthy Mental disorders can have an impact on psychological, emotional, or social life. This affects how a person thinks, feels, and acts, as well as how people deal with stress, make decisions, and interact with others. Not always people who experience mental disorders often appear to be violent or have different behaviors. And maybe, you can't even recognize the symptoms of mental disorders in them. These people can still be very active and
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For Menstruation More Comfortable, This Is What You Need To Take

Various complaints that are felt during menstruation, such as mood swings and stomach cramps, often make women feel uncomfortable menstruation. However, there are foods and drinks that can be consumed to alleviate the condition. During menstruation, hormonal imbalances can indeed make emotions become more unstable and the body gets tired quickly. The good news, some foods or drinks, can help reduce the discomfort experienced during menstruation. Recognize the Food of Menstrual Companions The following are some types of food and drinks that you need to consume to make your periods feel more comfortable: 1. Foods high in calcium and vitamin D According to studies, women who consume foods rich in calcium and vitamin D are less at risk of premenstrual syndrome. Calcium intake in the brain can help relieve anxiety and depression, and help relieve muscle cramps that are felt during menstruation. Calcium can be obtained naturally from cheese, low-fat milk, yogurt, soy milk, or orange

List of Low Calorie Foods for Diets

Many people are afraid of consuming calorie foods on the grounds that it can cause weight gain. Yet actually, everyone needs calories to meet their energy needs. So that energy needs are met but the body weight is maintained, consume low-calorie foods. Accusing calorie foods as the culprit of weight gain is certainly not wise. In fact, eating a lot but lazy to exercise is a cause of weight gain is not controlled. To maintain ideal body weight or lose weight when dieting, you should choose foods that are low in calories but rich in nutrients and can make your stomach full longer. List of Good Low-Calorie Foods Consumed For those of you who are focused on maintaining or losing weight, the following low-calorie foods might help achieve your dietary goals: Asparagus The first low-calorie food that deserves to be a diet choice is asparagus. In 100 grams of asparagus (about 1 serving of dinner plates), there are only about 25 calories. In addition, these vegetables are also rich